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Mystique Burlesque Trend Cube

Item #: 43246-26
Availability: Discontinued
Price: $24.90

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    In a world where privacy is an ideal of the past, there is always something special about a woman with mystery. LCN's Mystique Burlesque colour trend gives every woman the opportunity to experiment with her mysterious feminine appeals.   Noticed internationally, the Mystique Burlesque has ever been featured in a recent People en Espa̱ol edition! 

    Today's fashionistas are all about accentuating the feminine figure, but never revealing too much. Always leave them wanting more! Including blue sapphire, violet amethyst, ruby red and green emerald, these true gems offer nothing but glamour. These colours radiate mysterious beauty.  Rediscover your art of feminine allure with LCN's Mystic Burlesque.